Notis Global's focus is on quality products, compliance, operational excellence, consumer safety and continuous innovation.


Our strategy is to build the company’s portfolio of cultivation, branded product assets, and proprietary hemp strains and genetics. We will leverage its expertise to design industry-leading facilities and implement a proven operational process that will help to ensure quality, consistency, and profitable yields.



Notis Global focuses on developing, acquiring and designing products and brands in the clinical non-psychoactive, high cannabidiol (“CBD”) hemp extracts sectors. We intend to build a portfolio of differentiated brands that target high-value demographics and which have the potential to become recognized nationally.



Through strategically acquiring companies that already have attained the required licenses for cultivation, extraction and/or CBD-infused product operations, as well as signing new operators, in specific geographical markets this connected distribution network will generate recurring revenue and success for the company. Notis Global will be able to leverage this growing network of operators and CBD-infused product and extract brands to begin laying the foundation for a national seed to sale supply chain network and streamlined marketing channel, helping help to attract more Operators and Infused Product Brands interested in rolling up into the Notis Global umbrella.



As an increasing number of markets come online, Notis Global will be able to strategically invest in companies that have already attained the required licenses for cultivation, retail, extraction, and/or CBD-infused product operations in specific geographical markets. Due to the powerful trends driving the opportunity in today’s emerging hemp industry, Notis Global intends to focus on companies with the following company traits:

Compliance: Companies need rigid adherence to applicable laws and regulations

Management: Highly qualified, talented, and professional management

Scale: Companies need economies of scale in order to be competitive in the long run

Timing: Aggressive movement is needed to capitalize on the early stage of the industry and acquire significant market share